Version 0.77 has arrived! World generator settings, win game screen, new modding capabilities, languages, and more!

Due to significant internal changes in preparation for passenger transportation, this build may contain more bugs than usual. Please report any occasion to us!


  • Added more new game settings allowing to set up some properties of world generation, like regions size or terrain flatness
  • Congratulations window added with some stats that are shown when the final research is completed


  • Coal and iron mines placeholder models replaced with unique appearances
  • Deposits now visually depleting (new games only)
  • Labels of completely depleted deposits now disappear (new games only)
  • You can now choose what mods will be enabled when starting a new game
  • The game now tracks list of mods per save and shows an informative message if some of the mods are missing


  • Fixed detached indicators flying around
  • Fixed error when sending a vehicle to the depot after the game was loaded on pause
  • Fixed demand window opens on the right click


  • Added possibility to modify other mod assets (including base game) with the brand new .patch asset (documentation)
  • pack.json is now mandatory for a mod to appear in-game
  • Added Goal property to .research asset indicating that congratulations window should be triggered


  • Added Thai and Slovak languages
  • Added THB currency

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Version 0.77 Sep 12, 2019 283 MB
Version 0.77 Sep 12, 2019 283 MB
Version 0.77 Sep 12, 2019

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