Version 0.72 has arrived! Difficulty settings, UX improvements, bug fixes, and more


  • Added various difficulty settings to make the life a bit easier for you (or harder)
  • Previous level of difficulty can be obtained by playing on Hard
  • Added refunds for demolishing your buildings
  • Manufacturing research is now locked by default in a new game
  • Conveyor price and maintenance costs increased
  • You can no longer demolish businesses
  • Added German, Czech, French, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese languages (experimental)


  • Conveyor connectors moved into its own toolbar button
  • Added confirmation when you trying to demolish important buildings or structures
  • Improved game performance on 4x-8x speed
  • Maximum UI scale values raised up to 200%
  • Disabled Numpad keys by default
  • Game now always asks if you really want to quit to desktop from the in-game menu
  • Pause toggle now more responsible
  • Added green fill to Research Management button to indicate research progress
  • Added confirmation when going to Asset Editor from the in-game menu
  • Driver and Engineer now have separate localizations
  • Add orange company color
  • You can see the percent of localization completeness for experimental languages


  • Fixed game may stuck when changing vehicle destination
  • Fixed you can sell to businesses after they were bankrupt
  • Fixed save/load window fails to show if one of save metadata files was corrupted
  • Occupied vehicle station or depot can't be removed anymore
  • Rail depot now disallows inside signal placing
  • Fixed some text may disappear on non-100% UI scale values
  • Fixed signal prices weren't affected by inflation
  • Fixed missing display name for German city names

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