Version 0.73 has arrived! Signals indication, pro tips, bug fixes, and many more


  • Added Pro Tips! You can access them by clicking the new button in the top right corner. They are also shown on loading screens
  • Added indicators for signals that show the direction (one-way, two way) of the track and the current state of the signal
  • Added signal builder tool window where you can visually pick which type of signal to build
  • Added Português-Brasil and Turkish languages
  • Added UAH, KZT currencies
  • Added Ukraine city names


  • Updated picker of units to which load/unload task should apply: now it shows all units including locomotives and indexes of units
  • Route and unit pickers now scrollable if they do not fit the screen
  • Added option to rename route (you can find under the three dots button in vehicle window while there's no route management window yet)
  • Added setting to disable edge pan
  • Added setting to enable Ambient Occlusion (experimental)
  • Added setting to disable cloud shadows (useful when recording GIFs)
  • Added setting to invert scrolling and zoom direction
  • Conveyor mesh slightly simplified


  • Fixed rare "Object reference not set..." error preventing loading saved games
  • Fixed signals inside truss bridges or tunnels can't be removed
  • Fixed poles not placed on bridges when electrifying rails
  • Fixed vehicle reconfigure window shows an incorrect vehicle name
  • Fixed money text can disappear on non-100% UI scales
  • Conveyor buffer removed as outdated and will be replaced with proper conveyor devices in the future
  • Fixed dialogs and opened windows sometimes may spawn not in front but behind other windows
  • Fixed huge explosions can break things (Black Column case)


  • Signals now have Display Names
  • Signals now may be unlocked by research
  • WireHeight property is now working

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