Version 0.74 has arrived! Refit task, more languages, bug fixes, and many more


  • New task type added: you can now refit vehicles on stations to transport different cargo types with one vehicle
  • Added Spanish language
  • Added Czech, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, and Argentinas city names
  • Added TRY and ARS currencies


  • Last chosen company name and color now preserved in new game window
  • Added option to enable playing game audio when the game is in background
  • Added Discord Rich Presence support
  • Added option to turn off landscape shadows separately from global shadows
  • Minor conveyor rendering performance improvement
  • Minor loading time decrease on slow hard drives


  • Fixed weird road overlapping on intersections
  • Fixed vehicles may start loading cargo before reaching a destination if this destination was changed by player
  • Fixed cities trying to build disconnected roads
  • Fixed vehicles keep produce sounds on pause
  • Fixed game assets may become corrupted if the game was closed during loading


  • Asymmetrical tunnels now supported
  • Added support for CSV localization assets

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