Version 0.76 has arrived! Vehicle stations replacement, new train Turn Around task, new languages, and more!


  • Vehicle stations can be replaced after removing while preserving existing schedules
  • New Turn Around task can be added to the schedule to force the train to turn around on station instead of moving forward and take a longer path
  • Added Japanese, Chinese, and Bulgarian languages
  • Added Japanese (Romaji) and Bulgarian city names
  • Added CNY and BGN currencies


  • Added option to choose the colorblind friendly color scheme
  • Added option to disable lowering music on pause
  • When clicking on a vehicle in the station window it will be automatically followed


  • Fixed unexpected error while replacing trucks and trains in the depot
  • Fixed highlight error when picking routes under certain circumstances
  • Fixed vehicle can't be sent to a depot on pause
  • Fixed an error can block all vehicles from moving in some cases
  • Fixed camera can't focus objects while following vehicles


  • Added .theme asset to allow theming of some game colors (more colors will be added later)

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Version 0.76 Aug 20, 2019 283 MB
Version 0.76 Aug 20, 2019 283 MB
Version 0.76 Aug 20, 2019

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