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Seems like updates have been moved to

ohh,, man i hate   its just a mess finding anything in here..  Thanks for the link.

No update in 55 days?


Is this Tycoon Transporter Deluxe brought to over 9000!?!?!?

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I have had this in my steam watchlist for months now and to finally get hold of a playable version is superb even if in the rough, you are onto a winner here bigtime!
This game will be an instant classic for sure wacth this space ...
I'm addidcted already and have a few ideas brewing.

A few bits ive noticed whilst playing.

I have started a few worlds so far on different settings.

I'm managing to get a decent game from my creaky i3 laptop on mid range graphics and small map settings with onboard graphics on win10

Going big makes it lag badly which is expected but not hit any glitches as yet apart from the reverse conveyor belt switcher would only work when zoomed out which wasnt replicated when a fresh load up was played or since.

A few things i did notice which you might want to look at is the ores on the conyeyor belt are hard to see especially coal, needs a ton more decorations to play with too but it is pre-alpha so i assume those will come as and when ready, is it possible to create our own reskins of products already in the game?

35 hours played in over a few days and a few of those were click and leave hours on fastest setting, i managed to accumulate £145m in a few hours on base resource selling not processed items apart from wood products.

The settings all seem to be working well and quite balanced but ive yet to go extreme on the settings yet till ive 100 hours of normal settings under my belt.

All in all a superb reinvention of the genre and i can see huge potential for this game especially with the modding capabilities and beyond and cannot wait for more meat on the bone... whens the next update!!! 


This game is excellent. I've been playing for a while, it's missing some quality of life improvements but it's better than you can expect from an early version.

As an avid fan of tycoon games (RCT2, Cities: Skylines etc.) This is what I've been waiting for to come out. It gives me that old Transport Tycoon Vibes with a touch of modernization! I can't wait to see what you guys have in store for this game! All the best of luck to you devs! Take my 20 (just bought the game). ;)

Can you add a sandbox mode where you can create Cities and resource areas and so on? That would be awesome!

The game is awesome but with a sandbox mode it would definitely better :)


The game looks nice, but 20 bucks is very high for pre-alpha. I don't know how much content is in the game, but in my mind a fair conversion is 1 bucks per hour of gameplay.

you wont have seen half of the game at 20 hours

Yes, with what's currently in this you can get to 20 hours easily.

guys when steam early accces comes out will it be free

No but people that buy it now will get if free on steam

I'm really enjoying this game.  I started playing on the v0.75 ten days ago, and I've already put 20+ hours into the game.  I'm having a lot of fun creating the transport systems, and then sitting back and watching them work.

One suggestion I have:

Sometimes I want to build a long railroad track through valleys and hills while maintaining the same elevation.  Before I build the track, I  circle the terrain with the camera several times to understand the topography before I make a route, because I want to minimize the cost of terrain leveling.  I think it would be cool if you could view the terrain elevation with a color gradient, similar to topographical maps.  The color switching function could be similar to when the terrain appears white when placing signals.

Thanks for creating this game.  Keep up the good work!

Thank you for the kind words! 

Yeah, height distinction could be really hard in some cases. We plan to add special height overlay in the near future.

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Heyo, This game is absolutely FANTASTIC!!!

Here are my suggestions (Not many, surprising!)

1. Railroad Crossings. This is an absolute MUST!!! It is very annoying to have to build tunnels or bridges (Which are really expensive) Over each other.

2. The Ability to add platforms and extend the width of an existing station. It is also a bit annoying to have to demolish a station, build an entire new one, and then re - route ALL trains that go to that station! PLEASE ADD THIS!!!!!!!

3. The ability to possibly only install mods into certain maps you created(?) I doubt this is possible, but I dont know! - you're the DEV's!

4. If you could create a modpack for the other locomotive candidates you were going to select. To be honest, I was a bit dissapointed that some of the locos were so out there. Like the Class O, the heck is that? Just a generic black switcher in my book. So a modpack for some of the other locos you were possibly going to choose would be nice!

5. A Vehicle List. This would simply just be a seperate tab where you can view your vehicles all in one, check their profitability, etc. Because it gets annoying when I only want to upgrade certain locos or trucks, and have to find each one I want all around  the map.

Well, that's my take. I hope you take my ides into consideration! And keep up the awesome work!


You can cross railroads already? There is also mod packs available from the community built into the game's mod manager.  :)

Great game so far - makes me almost forget about Transport Tycoon :D


I was a little bit unsure aout buying it pre alpha.  But so far I like the over all layout and feel to the game.   I hope we can change the contol layout in the future.  Not a big fan of WASD,like my arrows.  Can't wait to see what you have in store in the future.


Was unsure before buying, but: Money well spent. For me, the game is if Minecraft, Transport tycoon and Factorio had a weird 3-way baby. I'll be playing this for years. When the C# API comes, I may even do some modding.

really enjoying the pre-alpha. one main comment so far - i assume this is coming, but an easy way to review the profitability of each of your vehicles and/or routes. to keep a global eye on which routes are profitable / which vehicles are profitable etc

Yep, this is planned.

Very nice game I love it. I played on friends computer.
I have few things to include

  1. Cargo station with multiple terminals, so that multiple trucks or buses can load unload. It can be one station with multi truck capacity or we can build group of terminals.
  2. Train terminals can be modified to increase length or width without removing them.

I hope you will consider these updates soon.


i find the tabs very small on my screen. i can move them. but can't make them bigger. any way to do this? might be something i am missing

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You can try to adjust the UI scale in the game settings.

thanks. that worked!

Can't wait for passengers. Heart eyes emojis everywhere for this game!!!!

The resources are finite, unlike in Transport Fever. Hence, we need to feed in from other places

Yeah, like in real life... ;-)

"I'd like to share a revelation that I've had during my time here. It came to me when I tried to classify your species and I realized that you're not actually mammals. Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment but you humans do not. You move to an area and you multiply and multiply until every natural resource is consumed and the only way you can survive is to spread to another area. There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern. Do you know what it is? A virus. Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet."

But it would be a nice addition to reuse spent resources. Perhaps with a recycle system?

Great game by the way, I already spent countless hours with it and only used up the first three resources. Keep up the good work, devs!

i was banned from the forums/discord last year (reasons unknown) can i please be reinstated since i purchased the pre alpha.  would like to participate in giving constructive feedback about the game

Fantastic game cant wait for multiplayer and other game modes! 

I dont know if Multiplayer is fitting for this game maybe like everbody got a own company but two people controling one idk

its already confirmed and will act like openttd


the roads that expand while town expanding are a little weird especially on different elevation

Yeah they never connect


Be cool if it had different road types. Like interstates.


just another thought,would be a great idea if you could put a line manager or somthing to show how many vehicles or what ones are delivering to a buiness or would make the replacment process much easier.having to wait and count the vehicles is alot of hassel when you have a large network up and running. great game guys keep the good work up, 


+1 I think it is crucial.

+1 indeed!

Please! +1

+1 For me thats crucial! Game is awesome by the way!!

looks great


feel very much like bridge and tunnels need some work just having a bad time with both of them,im only using trucks because of this.otherwise really like the game,i hope there is more to research in the future. great game guys 

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Agreed, and signal pathing is hit and miss, angled roads would be nice too given you can do it with rails otherwise very playable game.


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I love the UI - sleek, readable and intuitive. Aesthetics are perfect - will allow modders to create new models easily. Blending in to vanilla stuff will be so easy with it. C# API - can I love You more? I hope you will bring the high complexity and pick what's best from OpenTTD, Factorio, Dwarf Fortress and Cities Skylines. Or modders'll do ; )


looking great so far, style is awesome, the potential even better. Looking forward to more - a couple of pointers...

bridge/tunnel could be much more intuitive from the normal build track/road system - just allow normal mode to go up or down with the zx keys rather than switching modes with b and t. It would also work for conveyors (see below). So if you are making a road up a hill and you want a tunnel - and it auto created a ramp - just press z and it will start to dig down or dig in if going thru a hill at the same height. If you are on a level and you want to rise up - just press x. easy.

bulldoze mode keeps catching me out and bankrupting me early game. Why not have a bulldoze timer? if you say built something and it has only been in place for a few seconds and you buldoze it because you are a noob and didnt leave enough space, you get full refund to help. Then if you also leave bulldoze on by mistake too (like I keep doing) whilst going into other build modes like rail then you click a building you want to look in that you just built, and darn it - you destroyed it again, by mistake because bulldoze was still on - you won't get penalized for it too much.

Why can't I build a conveyor bridge round a corner? - goes back to having a more intuitive build mode as before. 3 blocks high should easy pass over a station but it doesn't!!

Don't auto landscape fill under a bridge when returning to normal mode - im building a bridge!, if I want to fill it with terrain I would do it later! not my instinctive choice whilst mid bridge building

i haven’t bought the game yet but i watched allot of video’s about it, and i thought it would be cool to have a sandbox mode.

Sandbox-You mean unlimited money? In a game about economy? Why should this be cool?

You can play with research off.

You can disable research and get money through by cheating. That basically makes it a railway sandbox. 

Exactly. I was just about to write that there is a sandbox through cheats


Maybe by far the most complete game I've ever played in a pre-alpha state. It's already tons of fun, almost no bugs at all, devs are open and fast to respond/act on Discord/Github. It's shaping up to be a great game.

Well said, It is impressively stable, for my relatively modest machine it runs great, and i have yet to encounter any issues with the game thus far. I will have to get on the discord.

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I love it, really looking forward to the complete game.  What you have here already is fantastic though.  Great work!  Back to playing! >.>

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if i buy the game now, will that not only give me an early access key but also the full game once it releases on steam?

im not the dev.  but I am sure that it will include a steam key, and  the finished game. 

Just above the feature list:

By participating, you not only help to make the game better, but also:

  • Receive a Steam key  after the game reaches Early Access

So yes, you'll get the full game.

Yes, a steam early access is the same as the full game, just considered not finished yet. When it exits early access you will have a full copy :)

What game engine is used to create this?

It's based on Unity.


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i hope we will see Steam version soon-ish maybe with Workshop aswell 
im mainly waiting on that since if i buy it here i will possible forget i got it here 

since never use this platform here 

Just buy it when they release on Steam you will get the key for free


I have loved transport games since learning about OpenTTD about 10 years ago. It's been hard to find transport games that scratch my itch the right way...older games are just a bit too out of date, while newer ones don't cover all the bases I'm looking for. This looks good, can't wait to watch development!

What is the electrical infrastructure going to look like? I'd love to see different voltages for long distance transmission (towers) and local distribution (poles). Soviet Republic: Workers and Resources does a pretty good job with this.

Transport Fever 2 looks to be covering what TF1 did + add Cities Skylines like city management

Stuck on 'loading assets' screen for me. Can't launch the game.

Try to install it via Itch App, should help.

This worked! Thank you

Same here


this will be a big game in future

Thanks :)


This looks great! Do the mines slowly remove voxels creating pits? That'd be really cool but doesn't matter right now, buying anyway!

Thank you! Not yet, but it will be added soon!

hope that can be a option to turn off/on 


Great looking game! Good work.

Thank you!

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