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Survive as long as you can in the hardcore old-school shooter. Break through 50 waves using 3 weapons with unique upgrades!

Voxel Tycoon team proudly presents - first ever in history - an official release of the spin-off to an unreleased game. Please welcome Voxel Tycoon: Railroad to Hell 3

Defend the train on its road to redemption in  the beautiful world that survived the devastating war and now filled with monsters who have the only one purpose: to kill!


  • 3 unique weapons, with own strengths and weaknesses
  • 3 tiers for each weapon
  • 6 different stats to upgrade
  • 50 waves to break through
  • Develop you own strategy to beat all of them
  • Beautiful destructible world
  • Stylish graphics and furious soundtrack
  • Single objective: to survive!

Buying this game you support the development of Voxel Tycoon — a strategy game about transportation, building factories, and mining in infinite voxel landscapes. Thanks!🎃


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Railroad To Hell 3 122 MB
Version 1.02
Railroad To Hell 3 (macOS) 121 MB
Version 1.02
Railroad To Hell 3 (Linux) 123 MB
Version 1.02

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Tons of fun but kinda feels impossible at a point.


Visuals, while minimal, are very immersive and relaxing to the eyes.

Playstyle is straightforward and easy to understand. 

Upgrades are a quick 1-6 keys that only appear when needed.

UI notification of incoming enemies is extremely useful and necessary.

I love the idea that the train is going around on a track. I don't know if it loops but it just feels amazing.

Game never lags and couldn't find any bugs.


Aiming feels awkward sometimes. I know the turret doesn't turn as fast as your mouse but still feels odd occasionally.

Fast firing turret damage maxes out too soon IMO.

Around wave 25 it feels like I'm literally incapable of doing enough damage fast enough to stop my enemies. 

I gave it two runs but it gets repetitive at that point so doesn't have too much in terms of replayability.


Lots of fun and addictive! Hope to see more!

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Hello, on Linux (Debian sid) version 1.02 of this game shows only black or white screen and transits between these colors. Otherwise the game seems to work but w/o any meaningful output to display. Mouse interaction triggers sound events. Didn't try elsewhere or other version.


Wave 27...   very hard at this point


fun lil time consumer, tnx. looking forward to VT :)

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Another one!

Thank you!